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The Frame on my trials car(s) starts with a Type 3 VW sub-frame/torsion bar housing. The roll bar is regulation 12g 1 3/4" mild steel tube & the rest is 16g 5/8" mild steel tube. I use square section tube because it is easier to match up to the next bit without having to profile it. Everything is bronzed together so it looks neater, and if any cracks occur, it is easier to repair on site. Square tube is also just a bit easier to straighten.

On later cars I've used 3/4" tube as the 5/8" stuff probably bends just a bit too easily (but only when I lean on trees!).

There is a weight penalty in using one of these, although cutting off all the superflous ribs, strenghtening gussets etc winds up with a plain tube at about 12.5 kg so it is not as bad as it looks. The big advantage is it's simplicity in mounting the rest of the frame from it. These things come in a variety of configurations, with different torsion bar lengths, different spring plates, and some don't have the forks to mount the engine & gearbox on. Most of them are just bolted onto the VW body with three bolts. Mine started off just like this one.