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Trials Car Wheels are often overlooked as a source of weight saving. Anyone who's tried to lighten wheels will know that drilling holes saves practically no weight. Aftermarket wheels, especially off-road types weigh far too much and alloy wheels offer no scope for off-setting and are often too heavy.

I was prompted to do something about them when I needed more inset to cover the reduction gears, but also to use the more popular, and cheaper 14" tyres.

There is a bit of fiddling about to get the profile of the spokes right to weld onto the rim, other than that, the system works.

I've had these wheels on the car for probably 15 years with no trouble at all.

The rear & front wheels both use 1 1/2" X 3/4" 16g mild steel spokes, arranged to suit 4 or 5 stud wheels. I've nickel-bronzed them for added strength. First lay out the spokes, to clear the hub diameter, tack them together & cut out the centre of a wheel to suit. These are Mercedes 220 centres, much lighter than the Kombi ones. The rim is a 3" Morris Major. Narrow width keeps tyre to regulation 165mm across.