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The Steering on a trials car is pretty important. It needs to have lots of lock, be light and be easy to manage. Like a road car, if it is easy to use, it makes it so much easier to get a result. One of the first steps in planning a trials car is to have lots of 'pretend' sits in it, so as to best establish the position of the steering wheel, closely followed by the position & mounting of the steering box. In establishing the position of the components it is also very important to avoid too may joints. Wear will soon make life difficult.

The rim on my steering wheel is the bead bit of a regular road wheel. Easy to cut off, strong and because there is no real need to hang onto anything but the knob, comfortable enough. In fact there is probably not much need for the wheel, except as protection in the event of a sudden stop against a tree. Brass doorknob looks classy and feels good. Angled spokes are the same stuff as the fiddle brake levers, bronzed onto a tube, in turn bronzed on the steering column, just in case I ever need to get it off.