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Welcome to the Austin 7 Club website. A valuable source of information for all Austin 7 owners, Mud Trial Competitors and Historic Racers.

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Based in Melbourne Australia, the Austin 7 Club Inc. is one of the oldest one make car clubs in the country. A source of spare parts for Austin 7s, our own club rooms and an active social and competitioncalendar make this a very active and enjoyable club.

Anything technical that has been published recently, or otherwise, in our club magazine 'The Lightshaft, will be on this site in the not too distant future, but if anyone out there has information about A7s, Trials or Historic racing that they would like published on this site, please don't hesitate to send it to me.

Austin 7 Histories - Historic Pics

New! Click here to see the first of many! Tony Press is assisting me to get some histories of local cars. Up 'til now it has been difficult to get members (or otherwise) to provide details and pics of their cars. Tony has set the ball rolling and we would welcome anyone else to provide material.

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Came across these photos that might be of interest? They depict the vehicle with gas producer (very crude!) and later when passed to Jack as a young lad and 'fixed up' and painted. More..........






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Mud Trials

Mud trials, or Observed Section Trials (called Sporting Trials in other parts of the world) are an integral part of the Austin 7 Club. Austin 7s are no longer used in OST competition, except for the odd exhibition run, and trials cars are now highly specialised cars, built to a specific formula & utilising modern components. The most famous trial, originally named The Park Orchards Trial, because of its location in a Melbourne suburb (not a suburb then) is now the John Pryce Memorial Trial, named in honour of the man who introduced the sport to Australia in 1950.

Around 12 trials are held annually. Entry fees are very cheap, admittance to trials is always free and new members are always welcome. Passengers are mandatory and are often in need. Have a look at our Trials E-Cards on this site back.

We are always pleased to help anyone wanting to build a trials car. Give anyone on the trials committee a call, and see my stuff on trials cars here.

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Historic Winton

Historic Winton is Australia's premier Historic Racing event. Always on the last full weekend in May. Historic Winton is run by the Austin 7 Club but is unique in that it also runs motorcycles. Over 250 Historic racing cars and over 100 bikes, including sidecars compete at this event. 44 events are held over the two days. A must see on the Australian Historic Racing & Motor Sport calendar. Competitors Click Here for an entry form.

Historic Winton is held at Winton Motor Raceway, around 200 km North-East of Melbourne on the old Hume Highway - about 10k North of Benalla & 25k south of Wangaratta. The circuit is located in a picturesque part of country Victoria, and is unique in that all parts of the circuit can be seen from any vantage point.

Accommodation at Winton is available at many places in the surrounding district but it pays to book ahead as it is a very popular event.

This site is expanding all the time, so please come back soon. In the meantime send someone one of our Historic Racing E-Cards, (or postcards) send us one if you like, We'd like to think somebody knows about us. By the way, although the event is often referred to as Winton Historics, A7 Winton, Austin 7 Winton etc, the true name is in fact Historic Winton.

We welcome any comments about HISTORIC WINTON click here to go to our discussion board.

39th HISTORIC WINTON 2015 .....30th & 31st

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