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The Front End on my car is really what makes this car tick. When I built the first of this type of car I'd wanted something that would actually steer. At the time some cars had beam axles, ala Austin 7 and Ford 10. Others built by the likes of Dale Shaw & Barry Hudson used double wishbones. Although we all knew something of what I suppose is the current English design, like Syd Hirst's of NZ, nobody had done anything with them here. Certainly not with a rear engined car. The difference using a rear engine configuration like the VW meant that I was fairly limited in what I could achieve with the rear end travel so the next best thing was to get the front to do all the travelling. Right from the start I wanted to use components from very ordinary cars so spares wouldn't be a problem. I'd fixed the idea of a strut type in my mind, and after some seaching found that the KE30 type Corollas had pretty much all I needed. Cheap & plentiful.