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Ronnie Heagney's 1929 Standard Sports. She bought the car in 1974 from the original women owner who had the passenger's door fitted. Photographed by Ronnie Heagney.


Graeme Logan's Sports Special based on an Austin Standard Sports ('Latrobe').


Chris Athey driving Basil Van Dongen's car at Arthurs Seat in the 90's.


Ken Stuchbery's Austin 7 Sports with Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, in the background. This is one of 12 similar 'Austral' sports bodies built by Bill Sheehan.


Brian Gibbon's 1929 Chummy with Longbridge factory body brought into Auustralia via New Zealand. Daughter Sharni with Brian.

Tony Johns 'Raid Car' Historic Winton 1996 Slipsteam Photographic, car now owned by Noel Stevens.

John Heagney in the Doc Grosvenor Special.

Graeme Clark's 'Raid Car'.

Russell Clough at Historic Winton. Slipsteam Photographic.

Ian Brock at Historic Winton. Slipsteam Photographic

Historic Winton picture. Slipsteam Photographic

Ray Mitchell's 1927 Holden Bodied Roadster

Cliff. Elwers Chummy.

Ken Stuchbery's 1927 Top Hat Saloon with Longbridge factory body, came to Melbourne via New Zealand in pieces, rebuilt by Bill Sheehan and the owner.


John McMillan's 1929 Meteor.


Merv Boldner's 1928 Chummy.


Detail of Ray Mitchell's 1927 Holden Bodied Roadster.


John Steven's 1932 'Lonsdale' Sports.


Graeme Steinfort's Reproduction Grasshopper - now in the UK.


Kevin Moloney's 1928 Chummy.


Detail of Ken Stuchberry's 1928 Sports.


Phil Cassie's 1927 Top Hat Saloon with body by J.W. George of Richmond, Victoria.


Rick Perry's 1929 Chummy

RL Saloon. 

Peter Ward's 1928 Meteor Sports.


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