Hi Noel,

I'd just like to thank you & the Austin 7 Club, and especially all the volunteers for the weekend just gone, I had a ball.

I thought the meet was very well organised, & I'm already looking forward to next year, (any tips on going faster would be much appreciated though).

I hope you are now having a bit of a break - it's much deserved.

See you next year

Michael Japp Sc#71 Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Noel,

I must apologise for not being to make your event this year due to illness.

The feedback that I have received from competitors and spectators since indicates that your event was an exceptional success.

My congratulations to you and your fellow organisers for the way in which you took over the running of the event this year and in the way you coped with the many challenges that confronted you.

Regards, Garry Grant State Manager - Victoria Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Thursday, June 09, 2005

G'day Noel,

I send you this email as a result of a conversation between Warren Slater and myself on the boat back to Tassie after the Historic race weekend at Winton. We wish to congratulate and thank all the officials and yourself for an enjoyable and trouble free weekend of racing. From scrutineers to eligibility officers to the flaggies out on the track all were happy and helpful and added to the great atmosphere of the weekend.

For both Warren and myself this was the first race meeting we have run at outside of Tassie and as a result of the great experience we had we can't wait to come back for more (budget permitting)

We have both pencilled in to attend your 30th next year and promise to bring the good weather back with us!!

Regards Mick & Warren Slater Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Congratulations to the organisers, the volunteers, the drivers and all the others who participated in making Historic Winton such a pleasurable experience for my son and myself.

Although extremely biased the theme of 'Aussi Specials' seemed to work very well and it was exciting to chat with people about the cars and hear the stories and reminisces from the enthusiasts. Well done - I cannot wait till next year.

John Hazelden Friday, June 03, 2005

Dear Noel,

I must congratulate you the way that you ran this year's Historic Winton. It was really a credit to you. No doubt the first one for you would be the hardest to organise, so from now on it will be much easier. It is the first time that I have won a regularity trophy after trying with Bugattis and Kleinig Hudson for many years. Also thank you for the special plaque for the Kleinig, a great reminder of a marvellous weekend.

Tom Roberts Friday, June 03, 2005

Dear Noel,

Again, it a case of a special thanks to the Austin 7 Club for a wonderful Historic Winton. Yesterday was just magic and the handicappers did a good job!

The weather was kind to you this year and it was interesting to see how much dust was raised. We look forward to next year's event.

Thank you.

Mike Allfrey. All British Classics Car Club Inc. Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc.

Noel and Hard working Winton Race Committee - Congratulations on a job well done. We enjoyed 29th Historic Winton. We know race meetings don't just run themselves - you should all feel proud of yourselves - Regards

Lorraine and Ron Townley

Hi Noel,

I was riding a classic motorcycle, for the first time at Winton I like the layout of the track it keeps you very busy. Now I understand why people have said to me this is one of the best meetings on the calendar,and put on my don't miss list. It was great to sit back between races and be entertained by all classic cars racing,

I hope we get invited back next year.

Do you know when the Race result for Historic Winton will be put on their web site?.

Thanks for a great weekend

Ron Pollock Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear Noel,

An absolutely splendid meeting, many thanks to all concerned.

David Gleen Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear Noel,

As a regular competitor at Historic Winton for the past fifteen or more years, I, like probably many others, wondered how anyone else could adequately fill the shoes of Grant and Brenda Campbell.

I just felt prompted to tell you that from my personal observations nothing was lost. It was still the same old wonderful, relaxed, informal, smooth running Winton.

So on behalf of the many South Australians who make the annual journey North East, please accept congratulations for a huge job well done. Maybe the weather helped a little, but it was a great meeting by anyone's standards !!!.

With kindest regards, and best wishes, Fred Greeneklee. Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Had a great time at the 29th Historic winton and really appreciated coming home with an "Outstanding Spectator Vehicle" award from the Austin 7 club for my 1940 Willys Sports Tourer.

Thanks and Best Willys Regards

Ted Robinette President Willys Overland Club of Victoria Monday, May 30, 2005

Dear Grant & Brenda,

I read with a great deal of surprise and sadness that you are both retiring from the organisational positions at Winton Historics.

After 25 years it will not be quite the same and I for one believe we are losing two very dedicated friends from our ranks.

Congratulations on a great effort over such a long period, you will be leaving behind a legacy of a great meeting enjoyed by all who attend. We may not have agreed on all issues over the years but your strength in sticking to your guns and retaining the spirit of Historic racing has earned the respect of all who have competed and ensured Winton is an extraordinary event well placed to continue on for many more years.

A well earned rest is most deserving for two of the most dedicated motor sport enthusiasts we have had the priveledge to be associated with in this cut and thrust motor racing scene.

My kindest regards, Don Knight on behalf of Darren & Leigh Knight. Friday, September 17, 2004

"Sometimes you just have to be there. Sometimes words & pictures just can't capture the magic. Historic Winton is like that. No words can recreate the luscious boom of the 400 horses of Dean Butler's 1938 Maserati 8CTF 'straight 8' race car, and no pictures can really capture the frantic, crowded activity of the pits as ageing race engines are readied for battle." AUTO - Auto Industry Australia

..........And so another Historic Winton drew to a close. As John Dymond, the owner of PENRITE OILS and a long time supporter of motor sport said, "It's a pleasure to sponsor meetings like this where you've got wonderful old cars, wonderful old friends, and new friends. The best thing about the meeting is the great friends you make and keep. We are delighted to have a part to play with the Austin 7 Club in showing the crowds what motor racing should be like, and encouraging young people to become interested and ensure its future. What better way is there to spend your money?" See you all next year - Don Kinsey (excerpt from The Oily Rag Winter 2002)

........In total contrast to the rarefied atmosphere we have been brainwashed to accept in modern stadium-style motorsport, everyone is open, friendly, only too willing to talk about their vehicle and its history. Ask stupid questions and get sensible, sympathetic answers........

...........But then I remember a conversation earlier in the pits with a friend who is seriously committed to historic motor sport. "Motor racing costs me just the same today that it did 40 years ago," he said. " I spent all my money on it then and I spend all my money on it today." Michael Browning (excerpt from Unique Cars August 2002)

Historic Winton has grown into one of the most important meetings on the Australian calendar. It has also developed a worldwide reputation, as evidenced by the numbers of overseas entries over the years. It is difficult to walk a dozen paces at Winton without tripping over an interesting car of some description. Brian Reed - Motorsport News (2001)

Attendance at Historic Winton 2002 was probably the best ever for a historic meeting, according to organiser Grant Campbell. It proves that not all Australian motor racing is suffering falling attendance. Come to think of it, it also demonstrates that it is not only the big V8 touring cars that can pull the crowds. Graham Howard - Historically Speaking - AutoAction June 12-18, 2002

Historic Winton has always been the meeting against which all others are judged.............Max Robinson - More

Winton in May has a history and a vibe that can't be replicated.............Chris Ralph - More


Dear Brenda and Grant:

Thanks for the nice note! You guys did a great job or organizing Historic Winton. The "flow" of the event was really impressive, with no wasted time and lots of good racing. Also, the flagging was superb. I have never seen flagging of such consistent high quality as I have seen in Australia.

I had a great time -- really enjoyed myself. Perhaps the best aspect of the weekend was the warm, friendly reception I received from literally everyone. Many, many people I had never met thanked me for being there, for bringing the cars, etc. I also enjoyed seeing so many interesting Australian cars and speaking with knowledgeable, enthusiastic owners.

No matter what support may or may not be available for November, I hope to bring the Miller FWD ERA R1A for Sandown and/or Rob Roy. People will enjoy seeing the cars and I will enjoy being there. I also want to bring my driver, Martin Walford, to help demonstrate the cars, as he is a lot faster than me - yet a safe driver.

Yes, I did have a lot of fun letting people (especially kids) sit in the cars, etc. I clearly remember the thrill of such things when I was a kid. Just sitting in an old race car can have a life long effect, so I was delighted that so many young people (and some big ones!) wanted to sit in the cars. It was especially fun to say "do you want to sit in it" to a kid who was clearly awed by one of the cars.

I think we used quite a bit of "extra" fuel just starting the 8CTF so people could hear it. It sure was a big hit when we fired it up! Thanks for supplying so much of the fuel!

It was also nice to see such a big crowd on Sunday. I hope the publicity about the Masers was of some help in this regard.

By the way, one additional thing I enjoyed was walking through the car park. There were some REALLY interesting cars on display. I especially liked an Australian bodied one ton 1946 pickup truck. Any idea where I can find one of these in restored condition, complete with original side valve V8? There was also a great Diamond T truck in the car park!

Thanks again for everything.

Dean Butler (UK)

Dear Grant,

Many thanks indeed for organizing another successful and enjoyable Winton.

Although I was pleased to see the article on my Bugatti in the 'Weekly Times', for me the main event of the weekend was the sport and comradeship (and marvellous meals and fascinating conversations with Ron at 'Georgina's'). As ever, Winton was thoroughly enjoyable, well run and, almost unbelievably, the weather stayed fine.

We managed to spend some time with Edward Cottam and Dean Butler over the weekend and I hope they felt that they had been genuinely welcomed to our event. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves and when last seen they were talking about coming back next year with reinforcements. I hope that they manage to do so and bring more of their toys with them.

I know that these events are difficult to run and take a great deal of preparation well in advance, and probably winding them up continues long after the last trophy is presented and the last trailer has left the park. No doubt this sort of thing imposes a great strain on Brenda and you and people in my situation either know very little of or spare no thought for the long hours and effort that goes into making Winton the success it always is.

To the extent that my voice counts for anything at all, I would like to offer my congratulations and thanks to you both and your committee members and assistants for turning Winton into the sort of event we all look forward to for most of each year.

Once again, many thanks from all of us to all of you. We hope to be part of it again, next year.

Yours sincerely,

Kent Patrick.

Hi Brenda and Grant,

Firstly, what a wonderful weekend, and congratulations on running a great meeting.

For me it turned out to be a fairy-tale outcome, with a brand new car performing extremely well throughout. The Phil Irving Trophy was something I had not even considered, and noone was more surprised than me when you read out my name.

Regarding the perpetual trophy, I note that it has been engraved with the names of all the previous winners going back to 1993. My question is, is it my responsibility to get it engraved for 2002?

I would appreciate your advice, and many thanks once again,

Kind regards,


Dear Grant,

Thanks to you and all your team for another great Winton weekend, we all really enjoyed it.

See you next year

Regards from all the TC boys

Adrian Brooks, Ian Edgar, Chris Farrell, John Gillett , Peter Gostelow, Ian Mawson, David Ogg and Richard Townley

Dear Grant & Brenda,

Many thanks for the great weather and good racing. We are looking forward to next years event. King has promised she will go to the Buddist temple to thank the God's for the perfect weather they provided. She will also request more of the same for next year.

Very best regards.

King & Me!

Dear Grant.

May I, on behalf of Darren and Leigh, express my sincerest thanks to you and your committee for awarding our family the "Firth Motors Family Trophy" at the conclusion of Historic Winton 2002. I am sorry we were unable stay for the presentation at the track, however to our great surprise, Chris Ralph made the presentation on your behalf at our May general meeting the Wednesday after. We as a family, are dedicated to our sport and try to contribute where we can and this recognition at Historic Winton was a real buzz for all of us and in particular the club we represent.

On behalf of the Historic Touring Car Association of Victoria, congratulations on presenting once again a great meeting thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Yours Sincerely.

Don Knight

Thanks for the tickets and providing such a well run event. I have been to Historic Meetings in New Zealand (Manfield) and they never seemed to run as well. Particularly the time between races which seemed to be kept to a minimum. The personal highlights were the Azzini & the big blue Maserati. Will be back next year with hopefully a few more club members.

Oh another thing am only now just over the sunburn please order the same weather for next year. I will put a report on the meeting in our next club newsletter.


Stu Fitchett: Publicity Officer Rambler Car Club of Australia Inc

Historic Winton Committee

Dear Sirs.

Thank you for the tickets sent to the above Club for the recent Historic Race Meeting, It created an interest in our members who used them by way of an organised Club run and six cars participated as a group and 2 or 3 others travelled independently. All comments were favourable and I feel I must add my own congratulations on the orderly control of the huge increase in spectator numbers and the cars being presented. You must have been very pleased with the results which of course was helped by the marvellous weather this year. I have attended 22 of the previous meetings and this far the best of all previous meetings for us as spectators.

Thanking you once again and we look for further involvement next year.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Nicholls - Secretary. Deniliquin Antique Vehicle Club

Dear Grant Re: Winton Race Meeting - 2002

After four years as a spectator I really enjoyed competing. I thought the whole weekend, as a competitor was brilliantly run, congratulations. When appropriate please pass my thanks on to all those involved.

May I make two helpful suggestions?

1 . I was lucky in being able to book a garage space in the new garages on the lower paddock. Whilst the services are excellent it is a long way away from the action and a little isolated for an interstate or overseas visitor. Perhaps, to encourage faraway entrants a number of lots, say 5 or so, could be put aside for those who have travelled quite some distance and would like to be amongst it .

2. The first race on Sunday morning, SA and SB, did not include a warm up lap which was a little hard on the vehicles. 1 think that all other events were allocated a warm up" lap. It was one of the few complaints I heard. Some driver's tyres, including mine, were a little bumpy and of course we were not sure of the condition of the track at this time in the morning.

I will be competing again next year, hopefully with some other Western Australian as well. It certainly receives my support.

Thank you, once again.

John Davies

Dear Grant,

Just a quick line or two to express my gratitude to the organizing committee and anyone else who played a part in helping to run the fabulous Winton weekend. The meeting continues to go from strength to strength and it's terrific to see that the unique atmosphere is being preserved. Pam keeps telling me to stop grinning like an idiot - I finished the car on the Wednesday before the meeting, drove it all weekend with no problems at all and to cap it all of the sun shone non stop for both days. It was the best fun I've ever had with my trousers on! Again, congratulations to your good self and all the hard working troops.

Best wishes,

Ray Lewis


Just a short note to thank you & your team for another well run & enjoyable weekend at Winton last week. Unfortunately we had a broken engine from Saturday morning on but still had a good time spectating. Looking forward to next year.

Tony Burrage Rennmax 23b M Sports

Dear Brenda & Grant

Thank you both for all you did to make Winton such a memorable experience for John & I



Dear Grant

re:WINTON 2002

What a great weekend - made better for me by the opportunity to drive Grant Cowie's "Duck" racer - what a grand little car.

Thank you and Brenda for making it all possible.

I enclose some information from the Benalla Art gallery - I am happy to supply another Austin 7 to them next year, if required. Put them on your list of contacts

Best Wishes,


Dear Graeme

I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful contribution you (and the Waite Replica) made to the Gallery's program in the lead up to the Historic Winton event this month.

The smile on people's faces as they were greeted at the gallery by the smudgy face of the Austin was delightful to behold - and of course the children - and a lot of men who often go to gallery's as a form of suffrage were converted virtually instantly - that there could be something in a Gallery which could interest them was a new and rewarding experience.

On another note. the car is fascinating, and a real credit to you... such care in restoring objects which make more real Australian history is a great service to the public.

I hope that next year we can do it again with another car. 1 guess we'll discuss it closer to the date, but if we can help build the event in any appropriate way - then We'll be in it.

Thank you - and thanks to those members of the club who may have assisted as well.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Close - Director Benalla Art Gallery

Dear Grant and Brenda: June 17, 2002

I am responding because I am not sure whether Peter got back to you with a big thank you for a wonderful weekend at Winton - he REALLY enjoyed himself and all of your efforts, and the kind sponsorship, are so very much appreciated.

If you have not heard from him it is just because upon returning here from Winton, he had two days before leaving for a big race weekend in California: then he had business meetings, had to go to the docks to pick up Alfa Romeo Tipo C, and then another racing weekend at Thunderhill. After that he had just a couple more days before leaving on a business trip to Singapore to attend a broadcast convention (where he is now) and then Japan.

Literally the day after he gets back from this trip, he has to pick up two cars from the docks, has a weekend to work on them and then he leaves for races in Seattle and Canada!

(Guess who gets to make all of the arrangements??!!)

Anyway, thanks a million and take care.

All the best from Judy (+ Max, our Great Dane!)

Dear Grant,

I have been asked on behalf of those who attended the Winton Historic meeting to thank you for a well run and successful event.

Thanks especially for the magnificent weather turned on for us. After much discussion about formats and handicaps it has been decided to leave the running and design of the program to you the promoter. We will be happy to attend in bulk and perform in whichever type of race you decide for us. Your event is unique in Victoria at least, and in my immediate experience, throughout Australia where historic cars and bikes still compete in an old style, picnic type event.

Although opinions as always are divided the membership by and large support the program as it stands.

Yours truly,

Eddie Dobbs HTCAV Secretary

Hi Grant

Thankyou for the results sheets and your followup.

This was my first time as an entrant in a historic meeting and I found it to be one of the best weekends that I have experienced at a race meeting after many years of involvement at different levels of a variety of types of motorsport.

I hope I am around for more events in the future and congratulations on a well run and friendly event.


Alan Shearer Car 48 Group Nc