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Over the years I've built a total of eight cars, and two or three front ends. The first car was nothing like the rest, and the rest all follow a similar theme.

I took the opportunity to take a few pics of these at Foster on our annual two-day trial there. 22-23rd October 2005. Another good car, now owned by Peter Hill wasn't there, but I hope to include this car in the near future.

I built this one as the successor to my first car in 1975. It was an immediate winner, resulting in 4 firsts, 4 seconds & a 4th in 9 trials in the first season. Went on to win the Geoff Taylor Trophy 5 times & the John Pryce Trial 3 times. Neil Fletcher bought the car from me in 1980. Had a minor crash soon after and I rebuilt the newer front end onto it then. Fletch sold the car to Peter Hill after that who in turn sold it to Rinie Weisema. Rinie sold it to Eric Daffy, who sold it to 'Whiskers' from Hastings. Rinie bought the car back a couple of years ago & I changed the back end to fully independent & the brakes to discs.