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The Trials Car engine is a 1600cc VW, runs no cooling, headers, Minnow Fish carburettor, Single port heads, 10.5:1 compression ratio, mild porting around the inlet ports, Piranha Electronic Ignition, 5.2kg flywheel, Ceramic clutch and long advance curve in the distributor.

Although VW engines are probably all past their use-by date, the best thing about them is their light weight. At 65kg all up it is much lighter than any Jap engine I've come across. Sometimes it is an advantage to have a relatively high engine, as a bit of weight transfer can help. In the main a low centre of gravity helps handling though and although I envy the 130 hp of the Toyota 4AG I've yet to be beaten by one on a long term basis.

I used this beaut little counter-weighted crank for about 15 years until I had it ground down so much I couldn't go any further. 1" hole through the crankpins & extra light flywheel keep the weight down. The counterweights stop the thing flexing over 6000rpm and save pounding out the centre main bearing. I now use any ordinary crank and no pulley. I think the Castol R Synthetic helps a lot here.