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The Steering on a trails car is pretty important. It needs to have lots of lock, be light and be easy to manage. Like a road car, if it is easy to use, it makes it so much easier to get a result. One of the first steps in planning a trials car is to have lots of 'pretend' sits in it, so as to best establish the position of the steering wheel, closely followed by the position & mounting of the steering box. In establishing the position of the components it is also very important to avoid too may joints. Wear will soon make life difficult.

View underneath the box shows the lower part of the box supported by a small muffler clamp.(Yellow arrow) This is important to do as the box will flex and break off if only the top mounts are used.

Normally these boxes are mounted using a circular clamp which forms the body. Green arrow indicates where I've cut this off. Blue arrow indicates Pitman Arm. This is made from a 1963 Kombi idler arm, the 'L' shaped bit cut off, the hole bored out to suit the steering box, and then scotch keyed into position. On later ones I've cut & shut the standard arm, adding two inches in to achieve the necessary travel.