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OST12 Murrindindi 30th September back

With the running of the Annual Rally clashing with the programming of OST 12 on the 13th October the OST Committee decided to bring forward the final meeting of the year to September 30th.

Despite some local rain the previous week it was a very dry Murrindindi which greeted the forward pegging party of John Cox, Mark Taylor and Fred Undy. Its such a scenic drive out to this part of Victoria that they were also joined by many others who had come to enjoy the sunshine and stick in the occasional peg here and there.

Dry as it may have been, by the end of the day they had done well to set out 13 very challenging sections, around trees, down gullies and across obstacle strewn paths.

The morning was spent bumping around some very big gum trees just up from the carpark and pit area. Although we have done some of these sections for years, a change of a peg here and there always introduces another dimension to the drive.

The first few sections were very tight and most front engined cars struggled trying to get the rear around, some resorting to extra tyre pressure which is the opposite of the normal mode of running.

Section two caught out Grant, Keith Mitchell and Geoff Taylor at the four peg whilst the others managed a respectable nine points, whilst the next section had nearly everyone stuck at the two.

Working our way up the property we again encountered some tight sections where the front engined cars provided a handful, Grant Andrew Stritch and Graham Moyle only just able to keep their rear engined vehicles off the pegs and up in the higher scores.

By lunchtime we had completed seven sections and still had all 8 cars running which was quite remarkable for the hard conditions encountered.

The afternoon started with Grant eleven points ahead of Andrew with Graham and Geoff a couple of points in arrears. But it ended just as quickly for Graham who had a clutch arm let go before entering the first section.

The afternoon was one of attrition as we worked though the morning sections again and ended up at the final few sections to round out the season.

By this stage Andrew Stritch had pulled out a string of five clear sections, Kevin had a clutch go up in smoke and Craig had a drive shaft cry no more. Keith Mitchell had also had the welding plant out to fix a broken coilover.

Section 16 saw us on a wild ride through the bush that overtaxed the front of Keith's car again, with only Geoff Taylor being able to keep anywhere near Grant and Andrew and the higher pegs.

As our depleted line up faced the last section of the year we had Grant on 130 points, Andrew on 128 and Geoff holding onto a respectable 98 points for 3rd place. This was also a section set up by "The Muddettes" - Paula Wyss, Stephanie Hill, Sarah Wyss and Cathy Hossack. (Don't ever invite them to a Karaoke- but that's another story for another column!).

Somehow Grant clipped the two peg going into the section which left Geoff to claim the section and Andrew the honour of winning our final trial of the year.

On what turned out to be a beautiful warm day, we all stayed around socialising around an impromptu picnic whist the kids played on in the background until the sun went down on another season. - Next trial is Sunday 5th May 2002, roll on next winter!

Keith Mitchell