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Austin 7 Sites
OST Trials Sites
Historic Racing Sites

The Austin Seven Club of South Africa

Sporting Trials New Zealand


Austin 7 Club of South Australia

North Phoenix Trials Car Club


The Cornwall Austin 7 Site



The Bristol Austin 7 Site

750 Motor Club


The Scottish Austin 7 Club

The Motorcycling Club


The Austineers

Sporting Trials Club of Ireland




Hist. Racing Reg. South Africa

The Austin 7 Club Germany


Australian Formula Junior Assn




The A7 Owners Club London

Monklands Sporting Car Club


The Austin in America



The Dutch Pre-war A7 Site

Murray's March Hare Trial

Historic Motor Sport - UK


ASWMC Sporting Trials


Vintage Austin Services

The Skeetle

Winton Moptor Raceway

Austin Seven Clubs Association

Off Road Racing Australia

Historic Formula Vee


The Trials Career of Arthur Mallock

Seven Links

The Vintage Austin

Dixi IG

Brooklands 750 Motor Club



A7 Components

Special Building Section
Special Building Section
Special Building Section

Dune Buggy Tips

Metal Web News

The Trials Car

Kit Car Links

Build Your Own Racecar

The Dune Goon

Engineers Edge

Car Design News



Automotive Calculations

Building a 'Sevenesque' Sportscar

Clubman Builders Resource

Susprog3D- Suspension By Design



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Austin 7 Sites
"Worth A Look List"
Historic Racing Sites

The old Austin 7 Clubs Association

New Vintage Posters



Vintage Links



Vintage Racecar





The Essex A7 Club



Home page for BBM69 - an A7

Maserati Club Australia



PreWar Car Magazine

Yesterday's Racers

Isle of Wight Austins



The American Bantam

Victory Lane Magazine

Modena Classic

Tony Betts of 7 County Austins


Historic Motor Racing News

Roach Manufacturing


Historics - French Site

Austin 7 Prints

Just Classics

Historic Sportscar Racing









Metal Casting Made easy

Classic Car Gurus

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Penrite Oil Co

Link Automotive

Riverina Sports Car Association

Wangaratta Gateway







Shannon's Insurance


The Healey Factory


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