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1927 Van, owned by Cora & Reg Harris. New floor, dash, firewall,scuttle,bonnet, wings etc by Bill Sheehan. Windscreen frame, body woodwork etc by the owner.

1923 Chummy, fitted with a body by Bill Sheehan when owned by Emil Knapp. This car is believed to be the second-oldest Austin 7 in Australia, now in Sydney.

Half scale models 1930 Ulster & 1928 Delivery Van. Scaled from 'Matchbox Models. By John Stevens.

John Stevens in his 1932 A7 Special. Based on Latrobe Sports but on a long chassis

John Whitehouse's Austin 7 racing car with Doug Veel's 1927 Chummy outside Schwerkolt Cottage, 1960. Photographer David Lowe.


Tony Press' September 1929 Austin 7 Fabric Saloon,  body by Holden, outside Caulfield Technical College, Dandenong Road, 1956. Photographer Trevor Boughton.  




Tony Press' April 1929 Austin 7 Fabric Saloon body by Holden, outside the Austin 7  Clubrooms Cheltenham 2015.





Park Orchards 1959. Geoff Taylor's Austin 7 special crossing Deep Creek with Tony Press navigator. Photographer David Lowe.






Tony Colson's 1937 Austin Seven Sports with pretty coach-built flat back type body thought to be imported.






Tony and Andrea Casabene's Van, purchased 4 years ago as fully restored- unfortunately she needed two years magnificent mechanical work by Walter Raschle to result in a wonderful piece of machinery.