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OST (Mud Trials) News 2017  

News from Grant Campbell 8th September

Next Sunday’s Trial - September 17th, will be at Woori Yallock once again. Nice easy one to find: 1805 Warburton Highway. Take the Warburton Highway (B380) to the traffic lights in Woori Yallock. The site is a further 2.0 km (approximately) on the left along the Warburton Highway opposite Lusatia Park Road (follow the signs).Start time 10.30am, usually finishes around 4.00pm. Free admission, all welcome.

The trial at Neerim South could have used a few more entrants especially as we had some ripper publicity from the Herald Sun. Anyway, there were some excellent sections pegged and even though it had been wet everywhere else in the state, for the most part the sections were actually quite dry, even the carpark was dry which meant for some easier parking than Panton Hill. That said, there were some pretty steep sections and the on-off rain periods meant there were very few 10s, fortunately there were also very few sections that needed much in the way of recovery and we got through 12 sections in record time. The advent of Father’s Day, the generally poor weather and the lack of competitors allowed us to go home early on this occasion, so apologies to those spectators who turned up after 3 and missed the action.

Next year is the 70th year of the Mud trials, a record unequalled by any other form of motorsport in Australia, so we’d really like to see some more competitors take part. Definitely economical as far as motorsport goes. This year the entry fees are only $35.00 per event and cars, while they are all specials, sell, if they are available at all, for anything from $500.00 to $3000. Personally I’d like to see a few more cars built. In round figures a car can be built for say $10,000.00 if you’re a bit handy with cars.
Best thing is the lack of hi-tech gear needed. On the subject of gear, welding and cutting stuff is a must, and something I always baulk at is the rental on the bottles. Just got my bill from Air Liquide - $393.62 plus filling of course so now only needing to use them a couple of times a year makes for very expensive welds. That said, I’ve just discovered that Bunnings have D bottles for $99 Acetyline and $69 for Oxy. That’s a huge saving on what I’m paying now, and no rental!


News from Grant Campbell 29th August

Next Sunday’s Trial - September 3rd will be at Neerim South. To get there:End of Cowden Road Once you are at Neerim South roundabout turn right and take the Neerim East road for approx 600m, go straight into McDougal Road, travel along 1.5kms to Wattle Lane, turn left into Wattle Lane for 300m. Go straight into Cowden Road. Property is at the end of Cowden Road approx 120mtrs. Signs will be out.

Start time 10.30am, usually finishes around 4.00pm. Free admission, all welcome

Last Sunday’s trial was almost as much about getting out of the place as the actual trial! Lot’s of towing and a real test for the 4Wds not to mention the 2WDs. I put chains on the Falcon, one of which fell off before I even started, but unknown at the time until I only got half distance. Fortunately Geoff Taylor had the Landcruiser at the ready to save the day and the other chain fell off halfway through that exercise anyway. Mulching the mudflap in the process.

The trial was great though with a really tough battle between me and Stu. One minor stuff up from Stu, going the wrong way through the 7 peg on one section being the only real difference. I reckon I saw some snow at one stage, then sunshine, then hail, rain, sleet - you name it, but we don’t usually suffer weather like that and there was a good crowd on hand to witness the fun.


News from Grant Campbell 19th August



Next Sunday’s Trial - August 27th - will be at good old Panton Hill. To get there: 253 Motschalls Road Proceed along Kangaroo Ground - St Andrews Road to Panton Hill. Turn right at Long Gully Road. Melways ref 264 B8. Proceed along Motschalls Road and turn left into Turnung Road. Follow OST Mud Trial signs. Plenty of parking, nice short drive from the CBD.

Start time 10.30am, usually finishes around 4.00pm. Free admission, all welcome

The John Pryce, last week saw a resurgence in competitors, great sign of things to come with twelve starters including Jake Filsell in the ex-Andrew Cox, Craig Hansen built machine. I understand he’d done a stack of work on the car and it was working pretty well until he broke an axle and DNFd but it can only get better. Good also to see dad Mark back in the saddle, and also Andrew Stritch in the Alfasud machine.

Pretty good trial actually with a nice variety of sections in very pleasant sunshine. Best thing about Lilydale is the lack of the usual dense bush/forest which makes clearing the sections easy and excellent viewing for spectators. Personally I was doing quite well until I went the wrong way round a ‘one’ peg, getting zero for the section - total brain fade! Anyway I clawed my back to third place, helped in no small way by first Andrew breaking a CV, then Stu running out of ignition. Top marks though to Dean who won his first John Pryce after probably 25 years of trying?? Very well deserved.

News from Grant Campbell 8th August

Next Sunday’s Trial will be the famous John Pryce Trial, named after the man who introduced the sport into Australia more than 60 years ago. Originally called the Park Orchards Trial when we used to run it there. We were moved on from there about 42 years ago when people decided they’d rather have houses than mud trials. Since then we’ve been to a number of different venues- this one is at Lilydale - easy to find and plenty of parking: 70-80 Leonard Road. From Lilydale travel east on Maroodah Highway for approximately 4 km , turn right into Ingrams Road, travel 1.7 km turn right into Leonards Road, property on left under power line, look for OST signs.


Pretty good trial at Haunted Hills last fortnight, but again lacking competitors, however good to see Andrew Stritch back in the ex-Jeff Newman machine, and he's promised he'll be back with the Alfasud car for this trial. Hopefully Geoff Stritch, brother, will be back in the ex-Nigel Newman machine, both excellent cars. Just those three will be a big help. On the same front the Don Smith car, another one of the Stritch fleet is on the market too so call Andrew, 0417 367 121, on that if you'd like it. Needs a motor (VW) but the price will make a purchase worth the effort.

Also, Maxine tells me Tom has got the ‘School’ car back, so hopefully that’s another one in the field soon.

Leigh Whitfield turned up at the Dale Shaw trial and tells me he has a car that could be loaned to someone in return for some assistance in getting it going, so if that’s of interest let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

Check out the pics on our Facebook page.


News from Grant Campbell 20th July

One of the best things about the Mud Trials is getting there! First thing in the morning travelling to Glenburn, all the frost on the ground (the cows don’t seem to mind eating the grass when it’s like that), the zero degrees at Coldstream and the lack of traffic! Not to mention the sunrise over Eastlink. Looks beautiful but a bit of a nuisance in your eyes. So, that’s travelling Northeast for me, but, next week's trial is at Haunted Hills which is off Bill Schultz Drive, Yallourn (AKA Newborough) Vic which is pretty well South East, so no sun in my eyes there!

This is the Dale Shaw Trial, traditionally the 7th trial of the 7th month (Austin 7 Club!) and we haven’t been there for 5 years so looking forward to that one - that’s Maxine and I at the 2012 event above.  Just a note for newcomers - when you arrive at the venue it might appear we aren’t there, but follow the track over the crest at the startline and we are down the bottom.

Start time 10.30am, usually finishes around 4.00pm. Free admission, all welcome.

Last trial at Glenburn was pretty good, a good number of spectators but a high attrition rate among the competitors meant there were only three finishers and I apologise to those in attendance, hopefully we’ll do better at the Dale Shaw. Well done to Stuart, winner, Dean, second and Cooper, third.

Unfortunately I was one on the transgressors. The engine was a bit rattly after Woori Yallock and I didn’t pay enough attention to that until I got to Glenburn but after a few sections a major oil leak developed from a push rod tube that had been dented, then wore through, and literally pumped the oil out, so it got a lot more rattly. I retired hurt, but will be all fixed by the Dale Shaw.

I’d reiterate that we do need more competitors and would urge those who have cars to make an effort to enter and if the interest is no longer there, to sell your car! I understand there’s a couple on the market, one of which is owned by Andrew Stritch (the ex-Don Smith VW powered machine). Give Andrew a call for full details 0417 367 121. It’d be good if the Stritch family attended en-masse - that would double the field! BTW Jo Stritch is Andrew’s wife - Dale Shaw’s daughter and she always has a big hand in pegging this trial.



News from Grant Campbell 7th July 

Good to see a decent crowd at the Woori Yallock trial and I heard Andrew Cox has sold his car to Luke Filsell so hopefully one more to the throng. BTW even though we are looking for more competitors, the action is continuous throughout the day so there’s never any waiting for the next event. Well done to Geoff Taylor for winning the Wooi Yallock event.

Next trial is at Glenburn: From the Glenburn Roadhouse continue north on the Melba Highway for about 6.5 kms . Turn right into Murrindindi Road., travel approximately 2 km, turn right into Old Murrindindi Road , follow for about 2 km, property is on the left.

Date July 16th Start time 10.30am finishes around 4.00pm Free admittance.

Just in case you don’t know what Trials are all about the idea is simply to get from one end of a ‘Section’ to another, without stopping or deviating from the course. Generally sections are about 100 metres long and are pegged out on rough, slippery, wet or otherwise adverse terrain.  

Cars are built to a formula which has been in place for over 60 years with few minor changes. The formula is designed to accommodate up to 1600cc engines, specific dimensions like wheelbase, and track, and especially tyres. The idea always is for economical building and maintenance, especially easy retrieval (light cars) from boggy situations. Almost never is anything but manpower used to extricate cars, and ‘road tyres’ which don’t damage the bush and leave unsightly tracks.