Tony Press Collection
Tony Press on his 1929 Austin Seven Chassis

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Tony Press on his 1929 Austin Seven Chassis Malvern September 1956


In August 1955 Tony Press bought his first car, an unregistered 1929 Austin 7 Utility, with steel cab, wooden tray, fitted with semi elliptic rear springs, from Mr David Purnell, Elsternwick. Engine Number M 91969 (coil ignition, light shaft, bronze updraft Zenith carburettor).


It came with a Duplicate Owners Certificate number 70912, issued Jan 1933 for an Austin 4 seater Coach reg. number 30956.  Re-registered 1950 as OS 738, possibly when rebuilt as a Utility (Tony was the 18th owner from 1933, including Austin Distributors in 1933, Ausdis Used Cars in 1936 and  Burwood Used Cars in 1953.


During 1955/56 Tony removed Utility body (passing it on to Neil Johanessen) rebuilding the chassis and running gear and overhauling the engine on the back verandah in Malvern. After fitting a bucket seat, a wedge under the steering box, four blade fan and 2 gallon petrol tin, he drove the chassis around Malvern and Caulfield, later fitting a pair of black Lucas R 47 headlights for night driving.