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Don Dunoon's Austin Seven at Fishermans Bend

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Don Dunnoon’s Austin Seven in Sports Car style at Fishermans Bend Race Meeting, mid October 1956. The following year it competed as a racing car in the mid October 1957 Fishermans Bend meeting. (Photograph Trevor Boughton)


This very nicely built and finished Car featured twin Amal Carburettors, lowered chassis and twin leading shoe hydraulic brakes on the front axle. 


The original design first competed as a race car at Templestowe in March 1953, with a very flexible Z bracket on the front end and poor handling. After a busy year of racing it finished as a Sports Car at Albert Park in November. The following year the chassis was redesigned, incorporating a square tube extension of the chassis, two transverse plates with an overhang for the spring mount, the tie rod passing between the plates. 

The new car competed as a sports car at Rob Roy in September 1955 and Fishermans Bend in October, then Port Wakefield as a race car for the October AGP and Templestowe November as a sports car. Alternating between sports and racing, it competed at 14 meetings during the next twelve months culminating in Phillip Island, late October as a race car; and Templestowe on 17 November 57.