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Group Lb sports- racing & racing cars 1/1/41 up to 31/12/60

Vehicles classified in this group will reflect the post-World War 2 period of technology changes extending from the first of the post-war designs through an evolution culminating with the first of the mid-engined vehicles of the late 1950s.Eligibility will be open to racing and sports cars with a competition history established in the period between 1 January, 1941 and 31 December, 1960, but excluding vehicles constructed from pre-1940 components which are eligible for classification in Group K- The group will include all vehicles constructed specifically to the post-war 500cc Formula 3 even if such vehicles are constructed from pre-1946 components.

Consideration may also be given to the classification within this group of vehicles constructed between 1 January, 1941 and 31 December, 1960 but with a competition history established subsequent to 31 December, 1960 or, in some circumstances, without a racing history provided the specification of the vehicle is consistent with the general standard of technology evident in vehicles raced during the group period and the vehicle is compatible in appearance with such vehicles.

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