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Ja & Jb Vintage Cars (Pre-1931)
The group is intended to represent the early racing and sports car development period of significant excellence in design and workmanship known as the "vintage" period.
The group is split into the two subclassifications, Ja and Jb.
Group Ja: Vehicles eligible for this group will be racing and sports cars with a competition history established prior to 31 December, 1930. Consideration will also be given to individual sports cars that do not have an established competition history but are of a type that appeared in competition prior to the end of 1930.
Group Jb: One-off "special" type vehicles constructed at any time using major components (ie, engine, chassis, transmission, axles and suspension) manufactured prior to the end of 1930. Such vehicles must be similar in detailed specification and appearance to vehicles, which actually appeared in competition prior to the end of 1930. Vehicles which precisely replicate a genuine original historic racing car will however be eligible only within the provisions of the regulations relating to "recreations" (refer section 1.7 of the 5th Category Preamble in the CAMS manual).

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