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Group Q Racing & Sports Racing Cars (1970-1977)

The group is intended to cater for racing, sports racing and sports cars with a competition history established in the period between 1 January, 1970 and 31 December, 1977, and for vehicles excluded from classification within other groups of the 5th Category because of the nature of aerodynamic devices with which they are fitted. Formula Vee and Formula 5000 cars are specifically excluded from this group which is intended to reflect the development of aerodynamic technology as an aid to cornering performance but without extending to the period when such technology extended to the use of the vehicle underbody as an aerodynamic aid, ie, the wing car era.

Formula Ford vehicles classified in this group will generally be restricted to those equipped with "outboard" rather than "inboard" mounted springs and shock absorbers. Consideration will, however be given to classification of Formula Ford vehicles equipped with "inboard" mounted springs and shock absorbers where the general design standard of the vehicle is consistent with Group Q period.

Consideration may also be given to the classification within this group of vehicles constructed between 1 January, 1970 and 31 December, 1977, but with a competition history established subsequent to 31 December, 1977, provided the specification of the vehicle is consistent with the general standard of technology evident in vehicles racing during the group period and the vehicle is compatible in a appearance with such vehicles.

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