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Group Nb Production Touring Cars (Pre-1965)

Group Nb is the revised description of the group previously known as Appendix J, and more recently as Group N. It is a group for series production type touring cars, manufactured prior to 31 December, 1964. The group recognises models or components homologated for competition by the manufacturer, however at least 100 examples of a particular model must have been produced for the vehicle to be eligible.

Original vehicles with a competition history are welcome, however it is envisaged that most vehicles will not have a racing history and these are acceptable provided that they are accurate in detail both mechanically and visually. In the case of original vehicles, they must conform with the mechanical specifications listed below, however minor modification undertaken and employed during the period are acceptable.

Group Nc Production Touring Cars (1965-1972)

Group Nc is an historic group introduced on 1 January, 1995, to cater primarily for vehicles of a make and model which competed in Australia between 1 January, 1965, and 31 December, 1972 in either the Australian Touring Car championship and in races specifically for 3rd Category Group C Improved Production Touring Cars.

During the 1965-1972 period the rules for the vehicles evolved significantly, therefore the Group Nc rules have been established to enable competition under a common set of rules which reflect the nature of top-level car racing in the period.

It is envisaged that most vehicles in this class will not have a racing history and these are acceptable provided they are accurate in detail both mechanically and visually. Vehicles with a racing history may be presented in the most predominant form in which they were raced in the period, including the original sponsor signage, even though this specification may not fully conform with these rules.

A list of eligible vehicles and vehicle specification sheets for the more popular models are under preparation and will be available from CAMS

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