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The Lucas generators fitted to Austin 7s after the CAV type and up to about June/August 1936 was a Lucas C35A, from then on a C35M was fitted to the Three-bearing engine.

The markings on the housings : -

C = a concentrically mounted armature

35 = 3 1/2" in diameter

A = the brushes were mounted on the holders by screws - swinging arm brushes

M = the brushes slide in box holders with pigtails for connections

BN = indicates that the component was made by Lucas specifically for Austins regardless whether they were 7s, 8s, 10s, or whatever. The date was usually stamped on the housing -ie- 2 37 meant Feb.1937

The number 2200298 was a generator number that was used to the best of my knowledge on C35M generators. The C35A generator had a lower number 220088 or lower. The C35A generator had 5/16" BSF C/S screws to retain the pole shoes, while the C35M had 3/8" BSF C/S screws with straight slots. If you find Phillips-head screws they are probably a replacement from a later model. All Austin Seven generators were 6 volt - there were no 12 volt systems fitted to an Austin Seven. The generators were unique to Austin 7s in as much they were all gear driven at right angles to the engine with a distributor mounted at the commutator end. No other Austin had a gear drive - they were usually belt driven while some early models were shaft driven via the timing gears, either having a magneto or a water pump in tandem.

Allan Hale Austin 7 Club, Victoria Inc.